We are given power in many forms; verbal, physical, mental. Through time the way we use power has evolved, especially the way we execute violence. Swords, cannons, public execution, courtrooms, and science have to lead us down a path where the power to end thousands of lives can be determined in the push of a button. Practically as simple as smoking a cigarette.

As a student in English 101, we have been asked to work with image juxtaposition. …

The image below holds power to intrigue, why is this? If we look at it through the eyes if Cohn's article- understanding visual rhetoric we can help analize it.

The article first speaks to lines; the divider. In this image the sky to ground creates an intense contrast of textures. It give limit and limitless possibilities.

The next is colors, from in center is a large firing flume that is being contrasted against a soft baby blue, this certainly highlights the flame.

Shape, all vey recognizable shapes, hands, cigarettes, and explosions. Each is so simple on its own that i think the three together helps catch our interest. Along with that they all blend together very uniquely.

Nicoya Dant

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